Sustainable, Eco-friendly Kitchen Updates

If you’re like me, you spend a ton of time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Between food wrappers, food scraps, and used cleaning products, most of my household waste comes from the kitchen. Hopefully, you’re already aware that you should be recycling and not wasting food, but those are the tip of the iceberg when … Read more

DIY Kids’ (Or Grown-up!) Bento Lunch Ideas

Remember sack lunches growing up? You’d unroll your brown bag to find a white bread PB&J, maybe a fruit cup, a squeezable neon green beverage. And if you got a prepackaged snack cake, you were the envy of the rest of your lunch table. These days, we want our kids to have healthier choices while … Read more

Sleep Science: Massage for Insomnia

Does massage impact sleep and sleep quality? Research – and Zeel’s well-rested regulars – say yes! As any massage therapist can attest, massage will help you sleep. In fact, many of our clients enjoy a light snooze right on the table!  Massage relaxes the body and mind to a deep state both during your massage … Read more

Do You Know How to Properly Hydrate? It’s Not as Straightforward as You Might Think

Hydration seems like it should be so easy: drink some water, go about your day, the end. Back in this blog’s early days, and when I first published The Primal Blueprint, my hydration advice was simple: drink when you’re thirsty. Over the years, however, my thinking on the hydration issue has become more nuanced. When … Read more

Are Salt and Sodium Bad for You?

Other than saturated fat, I can’t think of a nutrient that’s been so universally maligned and demonized as salt. All the experts hate it and recommend that we get as little of it as possible. They even all seem to have their own little anti-salt slogans. The American Diabetes Association recommends between 2300 and 1500 … Read more

Frozen Coconut Macadamia DIY Energy Bars Recipe

Some people feel like they shouldn’t snack, but there are lots of reasons you might reach for something to tide yourself over. Maybe you’re snowed in with work and your schedule was thrown off. You could be a little hungrier than normal from yesterday’s tough workout. You could need a snack because you’re just starting … Read more