Cardio or Strength Training: Which is More Effective at Achieving Your Goals?

We’re faced with this dilemma every time we step foot in a gym: Head straight for the weights or make a beeline to the last available elliptical? Of course, if you’re even at the gym to begin with, then your body is benefiting regardless of your workout du jour. Yet more and more studies are … Read more

VIDEO: Improve Your Flexibility with This Lower Body Stretch Routine

Gabriel Gates is a practicing massage therapist and personal trainer with a background in assisted stretching. His fitness regime is mostly strength training, cardio with hot yoga sprinkled in. Gabriel believes the body can be pain free when it is functioning naturally.  Watch our Wednesday Wellness series of free, live 30-minute wellness sessions. Tune in every … Read more

Pregnancy and Pain: Treating MSK Woes When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, but not when it comes to musculoskeletal (MSK) aches and pains. While we likely don’t have to tell you this if you are expecting or have been pregnant in the past, people who are pregnant are particularly prone to MSK pain. The most common types of MSK pain experienced … Read more

MSK: Three Letters You Need to Know in 2021

So does your back hurt? Those stories Grandma told about her neck aching when the weather changed don’t seem so ludicrous now? Have you been slumping in front of Zoom for so long you can’t turn your neck? Then congratulations (or not): You, and—if you live in the United States—half of your fellow Americans are … Read more

Mustard and Rosemary Baked Ham Recipe

There’s nothing like a showstopping baked ham at the center of your holiday table. A succulent ham pairs well with virtually any side, looks impressive in your serving dish, and makes the best leftovers. The best part about a good baked ham recipe is that it’s easy to prepare, and cook time is short compared … Read more

Weekly Link Love — Edition 111

Research of the Week Men who use fish oil have . A junk food diet the amount of hedonic reward we get from other sources. Less shoe, . Men in their cooperativeness than women. Chimps don’t show evidence of . New Primal Blueprint Podcasts : Host Elle Russ chats with Kara and Dan of NutriSense. … Read more

What I’m Doing for Christmas

Believe it or not, Christmas has never been my favorite holiday. As a kid, I was always partial to Halloween—not just for the candy, but more for the adventure of venturing out into the black night with your best friends and marauding all over town. As I’ve gotten older, Thanksgiving has enjoyed special prominence in … Read more