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Greenock is an administrative centre as well as a town, part of the Inverclyde region in the West of Scotland, forty miles west of Glasgow & a former burgh within the county of Renfrewshire. Situated in the west Lowlands of Scotland, it forms part of a continuous urban area with Gourock to the west and Port Glasgow lying further east.

The 2011 UK Census indicated that Greenock’s civil population was 44,248, lower than the 46,861 returned during the UK Census of 2001. It is situated on the south shores of the Clyde at the “Tail of the Bank” where the River Clyde opens up into the Firth of Clyde.

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Stay safe pack

By Russell Bruce

Newsnet has written about the use of masks and editorial policy has been to encourage people to follow Scottish Government guidelines on the use of face coverings when out in public places. Apparently healthy people are known to be able to spread the virus in the early stages of infectivity although they are not showing symptoms.

We have partnered with not for profit ayeMail to provide a special Covid-19 Stay Safe Packat a competitive price. Newsnet does not normally get involved in product promotion but is doing so on this occasion due to the global health risks of Covid-19, especially for older age groups and those with underlying health conditions.

The World Health Organisation recommends that over 60s and those with at risk conditions wear a mask when out in public places.

The Stay Safe Pack is made up of items to enable you to minimise the risk of the virus to you and your family. The Stay Safe Pack contains:

  • 50 disposable waterproof 3-ply face masks. Non-woven inner and out layers with inner melt-blown 2-way protective layer. Elastic ear loops
  • 100 Nitrile powder free examination gloves AQL 1.5 TouchFlex or Aurelia Sonic as available. Sizes available: S, M, L, and XL
  • Tub of 200 Sani-Cloth Alcohol Free Universal Surface Wipes. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting. Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. CE2797 NHS code VJT514
  • A 50ml tube of Dr Szmich antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel 70% alcohol, Aloe Vera and D-panthenol for skin smoothness. Ideal for handbag, pocket or car when you have no access to soap and water.
  • WorldHealth Organisation advice on mask use Do’s and Don’ts leaflet

Price update18th June. We have managed to negotiate a lower price for the Stay safe pack reducing the cost by £5.00.

The pack is now priced at £49.95 plus £3.50 P&P

Newsnet has arranged for the first 15 packs bought to receive a second 50ml Hand Cleansing Gel tube worth £1.95, with our compliments.

Stay safe pack
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The global demand for these products has pushed up prices. The disposable masks were made in China and (expensively) air freighted to Glasgow. The Nitrile gloves are made in either Thailand or Malaysia, the Universal Wipes in the UK and the Hand Gel in Poland. AyeMail sought the best possible prices for the quantities ordered. Some elements of the kit are already scarce and more expensive than prices paid for this kit.

Newsnet will not benefit financially. Pack contents can also be bought as individual products in single or multiple qualities from the website.

Stay safe – independence is coming

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