Thai Oil Massage

Let's start by clarifying that Thai Oil Massage and Aromatherapy are two distinct different therapies.

Thai Oil Massage is about giving deep pressure, gliding, rolling, stroking, rubbing and stretching movements using the palms, thumbs, elbows and knees in combination with the application of (warmed) base oils (not necessarily special oils or so-called essential oils).

A Thai Traditional Oil massage is, like a Traditional Thai Massage (without oils), based on the concepts of traditional Thai healing bodywork, that is—working, opening, and stimulating the so-called Energy Lines, also called the Sip Sen or Sen Lines.

Keith Goodwin

I work on a computer all day and my neck and shoulders end up tied in knots. One hour with Jasmin and the knots are undone. I am a regular visitor and couldn't sing her praises high enough to do her justice. "

The 60 minute session includes an invigorating head and face massage without oil.

Thai oil massage uses natural oils (sometimes with the addition of essential oils). Natural oils penetrate deep into the body, it is beneficial to the skin and joints, enhances relaxation and the many health benefits of traditional Thai Massage. It calms the nervous system, and completes a thorough drainage of your lymphatic system

Natural oils easily penetrate into cell membrane, improve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments and strengthen bones. These oils effectively bind and remove toxins from the cells. This technology has an invaluable positive impact on the vascular system. It stimulates smooth muscle veins, draining lymphatics and metabolism in the skin. Thai oil massage improves blood flow, metabolism and the work of the internal organs. It is relaxing and the brain begins to work more ergonomically to provide resources for creative, complex tasks.

What To Expect?

A Thai Oil Massage involves applying oil to your body so when you arrive you will be asked to remove your outer clothing and can wear either your underwear or shorts, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. After the session your therapist will remove as much of the the oil as possible using a warm, wet towel or you have the option of taking a shower. Again whatever makes you feel more comfortable.