New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 138

Some self-help training and interesting information on healthy living through Thai Oil Massage.

Research of the Week

. Great way for seniors to “train.”

Having elevated blood sugar levels “” your stem cells to increase your risk of atherosclerosis.

A piece of chocolate for breakfast is than the same piece of chocolate at night.

Muscle relaxants and confer a risk of side effects.


New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Host Elle Russ chats with Marc Allen, renowned author, speaker, composer, and publisher.

: Tania Shah demystifies legal issues for health coaches.

Media, Schmedia


Drug ODs during the pandemic lockdowns.


Interesting Blog Posts


Social Notes

I want to cook on .

Everything Else

It might be better to .

Dogs with a genetic mutation .

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Cool anti-stress technique: The “.”

Interesting older paper: ?

Guess it depends on where you’re starting: .

Interesting study: .

New podcast: Featuring .

Question I’m Asking

Even though I tend to prefer low-tech options, that allows you to turn thoughts into text could be very useful—not just for disabled people but for writers. Imagine walking through the forest “writing” as you go. I would be wary, however, of installing anything in my brain, particularly some bluetooth/wifi-enabled device. Would you use something like this?

Recipe Corner

  • gives you your mojo.
  • You don’t have to eat legumes, nor does everyone have to fear them. And are probably one of the better ones.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 10 – Jul 16)

  • — You must defeat it.
  • — Well, are they?

Comment of the Week

“One of the great travesties of modern America is the fact that we can no longer eat ruminant brain.

Every time I get a white-tail, I would love nothing more than to fry up that grey matter and serve it with a nice Chianti (not a big fan of fava beans). Yet, the dangers of mad cow far outweigh the benefits of eating brain. According to my own personal calculus, at least.

I settle for backstrap in a venison bordelaise.”

-Really is a shame, but .

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