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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 157

Some self-help training & interesting tips on being healthy through Thai Oil Massage.

Mark Fridays Thai Massage GreenockResearch of the Week

Coffee and tea drinking are .

Limit (or choose wisely) the .

Ambient temperature .


New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

: Roudy Nassif is an engineer at Viva Rays, a company making some of the best blue-blocking glasses on the planet.

Media, Schmedia

Being a former vegan .

San Francisco suspends weed tax to compete with drug dealers.

Interesting Blog Posts

“Evidence-based” preschool .


Social Notes


What’s ?

Everything Else

Never knew about cheetah “supermoms.”

Tyler Cowen’s for Omicron in 2022.

The .

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Interesting blog post: .

Great podcast: .

Nice interview: .

Was it worth it?: .

What we’ve known for some time: .

Question I’m Asking

Which early hominid ?

Recipe Corner

  • .
  • , a Nigerian pepper sauce. Just nix the canola oil and use avocado.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 4 – Dec 10)

  • — What to do.
  • — A good fence means good neighbors.

Comment of the Week

“With the advice to only ‘drift’ your knees past your toes in the deep lunge (but only if you are “advanced”), I think that you should look at some of the stuff done by ‘.”


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Primal Kitchen Frozen Bowls

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