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Our Favorite Wellness-Minded Gift Guides

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Still have holiday shopping to do? Maybe…all your holiday shopping? Don’t worry — we can relate. And there’s still time! To help make it easier, we’ve gathered all our favorite wellness-oriented gift guides right here, so you’re sure to find what you need for everyone from your spouse to your coworker to that jetsetting friend who always seems to have everything and do everything before everyone else.

So relax, pour a cup of egg nog (we won’t judge you for any “special” added ingredients), and find all the gift ideas you need right here.

New York Times Experiences Gift Guide

The New York Times Experiences Gift Guide

For those among us less keen on the idea of adding more stuff to others’ lives, the Times has you covered with impactful gifts that create memories, moods, atmospheres, and just as much joy as anything you can wrap up with a bow! Check it out here.

Thrive Global Stress-Reducing Gifts

Thrive Global Stress-Reducing Gift Guide

Why yes, we will take ALL the stress-reducing gifts, please. As the leaders in restful, unstressful living, we trust Thrive Global to come up with the most relaxing gifts you can give to a friend, loved one, colleague, or yourself. De-stress your gifting here.

Candidly Wellness Gift Guide

The Candidly 2019 Gift Guide

We are 100% here for the refreshing honesty of this new wellness brand (in their words, “the wellness brand for people who sort of hate wellness brands”). They’ve painstakingly considered all those impossible-to-shop-for people — like the beauty junkie we all know who somehow ALWAYS already has EVERYTHING — and provide gift options that do not disappoint. We’re all over this one.

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Yahoo Lifestyle - Gifts for people with ADHD

Yahoo Gifts for People with ADHD, From Somebody Who Can Relate

This list may not be quite as specialized as it seems. As the article says, “the best gifts are thoughtful ones that make life easier,” and everything on this list checks that box—for anyone, really. But if you or someone you care about is living with ADHD, this thoughtfully curated list is filled with ideas to hep them thrive. Explore this great list.

Forbes Gifts for Clients, Colleagues, and Everyone in Between

Forbes “Clients to Colleagues” Gift List

Okay, so this isn’t wellness-oriented per se, but we’ve all got professional associates who end up on our shopping list, and the particular stress of shopping for them can have a heck of an impact on your wellness! This comprehensive list covers everyone from the secret Santa pairing you barely know to the top executive you really want to impress. Cover your bases here.

Well+Good Holiday Gift Guide

Well+Good Foodie Gift Ideas from Healthy Eating Experts

For the foodies, gourmands, and kitchen adventurers in your life, Well+Good went straight to leading chefs, dieticians, and other healthy eating professionals to find out what they’re dying to add to their kitchens. See what they’re hoping Santa will bring them.

Sakara Holiday Gift Guide

Sakara Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Sakara’s wellness-from-the-inside-out philosophy lends itself delightfully to their holiday gift guide. Their gift edit is designed “to feed the senses, stimulate the soul, and encourage a journey of exploration,” ensuring a most thoughtful giving and receiving experience for everyone on your list. Discover their ideas here.

Goop Gifts for Travelers

Goop Traveler’s Gift Guide

No wellness roundup would be complete without a Goop showing, right? This lust-worthy list is packed with exceptional ideas for the road warriors in your life, from skin-saving stocking stuffers to outerwear fit for an explorer. Jet over to this list.

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