Safety and Hygiene Policies for Zeel Wellness Services

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At Zeel, our top priority has always been to make access to vital health and wellness services as seamless and safe as possible, for individuals and businesses. The past few months have made the importance of this mission clearer than ever. 

As states begin to re-open, Zeel is updating the health and safety guidelines we share with the thousands of wellness professionals on the Zeel network, as well as the clients they work with. These protocols are in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines surrounding the delivery of health services; CDC recommendations; and specific protocols related to hospitality and workplace environments.

Guidelines for Providers on the Zeel Platform

The following guidelines apply to all providers delivering health and wellness services, whether in private homes, workplaces, spas, or hotels:

  • Providers may wear masks/facial coverings and/or gloves during treatments as an enhanced safety measure.
  • Each day upon opening the Zeel app, the provider confirms he or she displays no symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious illnesses.
  • Providers are encouraged to take their temperature daily.
  • Providers should follow the CDC guidelines on handwashing or using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Providers are asked to remove shoes upon entry.
  • Providers should disinfect equipment before and after every use.

Safety Guidelines for Zeel Clients

As we’ve learned from weeks of global cooperation in the efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, efficacy correlates directly to participation. To help keep providers in the Zeel network—and everyone in your community and workplace—safe, we ask Zeel clients to follow these protocols:

  • In-home clients should refrain from booking a treatment if they or a member of their household has a fever, other COVID-19 symptoms, or a any communicable illness.
  • In-home clients should refrain from booking a treatment if they or any member of their household is under an isolation or quarantine order/directive.
  • In-home clients should use their own sheets on the massage table.
  • All clients—whether in their home, their workplace, a spa, or a hotel room—should wear a face mask.
  • All clients should wash hands thoroughly, prior to and after each treatment.
  • Clients should share any special sanitation or hygiene requests prior to the provider arriving for an in-home, Zeel@Work, or Zeel Spa appointment. 
  • Clients are welcome to share masks/gloves and no-contact thermometers with providers, should they wish to do so.

To see current state openings, click here. We truly look forward to returning to your homes, spas, and workplaces and to bringing you the best in wellness in these unprecedented times. 

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