Sleep Science: Massage for Insomnia

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Does massage impact sleep and sleep quality? Research – and Zeel’s well-rested regulars – say yes!

As any massage therapist can attest, massage will help you sleep. In fact, many of our clients enjoy a light snooze right on the table! 

Massage relaxes the body and mind to a deep state both during your massage and for hours after, priming you for a good night’s rest later on. 

But don’t just take our zzz’s for it – let’s see what the science has to say!

Will Massage Help Me Sleep?

Sleep is a fickle thing. The more we want it, the harder it is to get. 

Thankfully, almost any kind of massage helps the brain and body relax. This deep relaxation allows you to fully drift into dreamland – whether you’re struggling with an issue like insomnia, or simply want to catch up on your beauty sleep. 

Massage for Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep deprivation don’t just leave you feeling groggy – they can also lead to a range of physical, mental, and emotional health conditions. 

Massage can help you stay rested and stay well. Let’s take a look at why we lose sleep in the first place, then see how massage will help you sleep. 

Aches and Pains

Pain is one of the most common reasons we toss and turn at night. Massage helps to relieve pain by relaxing the muscles, stimulating healthy blood flow, and calming the nerves. Not only will you get a great night’s sleep, but you’ll finally heal your aching back (or neck, or shoulder, or knee – you name it!).

Stress and Anxiety 

“Monkey mind” keeping you up at night? You’re not alone. The American Psychological Association estimates that at least 43% of us lose precious sleep due to stress and anxiety each night. Unfortunately, this triggers a vicious stress-sleep loss cycle that makes finding your calm harder and harder. 

Too much stress hormone is to blame. Cortisol (which is released when we are under stress), stimulates the nervous system and keeps us ready for action. This is great when we need a boost of energy to tackle a challenge, but not so helpful when we’re trying to fall asleep. 

Massage simultaneously decreases cortisol levels and boosts feel-good serotonin levels, taking you from “fight-or-flight” to “rest and digest” in minutes. With your stress hormones in check and your mind relaxed, you naturally fall into a restorative sleep. 


Over 61% of menopausal women report having bouts of insomnia, and it’s no surprise why. Symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and anxiety are enough to keep anyone awake and restless! 

Regular massages can help. Studies show that perimenopausal women who received regular massages had a significant decrease in insomnia as well as anxiety and depression.

Massage for Sleep Disorders

Insomnia isn’t the only sleep issue that massage can help. Research suggests that other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome, may also improve with regular massage. 

Zeel’s Sleep Massage: A Unique Massage to Sleep Well

As we’ve seen, any massage naturally lulls the body into deep relaxation and sets the stage for better sleep. But we go the extra mile with a massage fully dedicated to the art and science of sleep. Here’s how it works:

Book your in-home sleep massage: Because we come to you, you can enjoy the most restful experience possible—with minimal distance between the massage table and your bed.Ease into a sleep-inducing state: With its unique combination of scalp massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, and gentle movement, this modality gently lulls the brain and body into a deep state of relaxation.Get the best sleep ever: After your massage, all you need to do is slip right into bed and get your well-deserved shut-eye. 

Sleep Better Tonight

We created our signature sleep massage for one reason: when you sleep better, life is better. Your body deserves to get the rest it needs, and all the amazing health benefits that come with a great night’s sleep. Massage may be the most enjoyable way possible to get the good night’s sleep you’ve been needing.

Book an In-Home Massage

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