VIDEO: Essential Practice for Reducing Stress with Mindfulness

Yemsrach is an Engineer turned Meditation Teacher. After receiving her engineering degree from Cornell University, she worked in corporate America for almost 10 years, where she experienced first-hand the impact that stress has on the mind and the body. Her search for a happier and healthier life led her to meditation and yoga, which she was … Read more

Well here’s another nice mess ou’ve gotten America into

A comedy of errors By Russell Bruce With apologies to Oliver Hardy for borrowing his catch phrase used in 17 films between 1931 and 1951. Hardy was born in Georgia which has been in the news recently in providing Biden with 2 Senators to take control of the Senate following Trump’s endless rants and persecution … Read more

Trump’s last stand

Graphic includes a reproduction of Battle of Little Bighorn By Russell Bruce Biden wins and republicans go for a replay of Custer’s last stand. Republicans may be downhearted but the scenes of pure joy and relief in Washington, Atlanta, California and New York point to a necessary direction for the US. Big difficulties lie ahead … Read more

Trump destroyed America’s huge pandemic advantage

US International Pandemic PREDICT programme By Russell Bruce The New York Times has released a video detailing how the US invested 2 billion dollars in an international effort to identify and combat the spread of viruses. The US Center of Disease Control (CDC) was instrumental in the drive to enable the early identification of any … Read more

Johnson and Trump share a world of delusion

Michael Russell on Twitter By Russell Bruce Johnson’s speech to the virtual Tory conference underlined just how far from reality he and his ministers are. He has just about managed to get that Covid 19 is serious but his government’s handling of the pandemic is miles away from any sense of competence. Trump on the … Read more

“Don’t Jog, It’s Too Dangerous.” Evolving Your Cardio for More Benefit, Less Risk

Mark’s Daily Apple veterans are familiar with one of the most controversial and impactful posts ever published to the site, Mark’s 2007 treatise called . The article changed my life and caused me to rethink many of the flawed assumptions about endurance training that have been indoctrinated into conventional stupidity for decades. Follow up posts … Read more

Is Stevia Safe, or Bad for You? Everything You Need to Know

After cutting back on sugar and carbs for a while, you understandably start to miss sweets. A common misconception is that you have to skip sweets to meet your goals, which isn’t the case at all. There are plenty of sugar alternatives that fit within the Primal and keto lifestyles, and stevia is one of … Read more

In Conversation with Trainer and Wellness Coach Mahri Relin: Part 2

Trainer, wellness coach, and in-demand Zeel Virtual Wellness instructor Mahri Relin gives her clients intelligent, personalized, and joyful fitness experiences that support them through the most important phases of their lives. Here’s part two of Zeel Co-founder Alison Harmelin’s interview with Mahri about maintaining fitness, health, and positivity every day. (Read part one here!) Alison … Read more

Black Gold: The trade in human life

Cover of Slaves in the Family by Edward Ball By Russell Bruce Learning to accept that Scotland had a role in the slave trade has been a positive outcome of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Tobacco Lords and the Sugar Barons owed their wealth to life grinding working conditions of slave labour in distant … Read more