Ask a Health Coach: Sleep Deprivation, Cortisol Spikes, and Cohabitating with a Twinkie Eater

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Is Fear of Success for Real?

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4 Budget Carniflex Recipes: Cost-effective Ground Beef Bowls for the Carnivore Diet

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Ask a Health Coach: More of Your Carb Questions Answered

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Ask a Health Coach: Stress Eating, Sabotagers, and Why There’s No Wagon to Fall Off Of

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DIY Parallettes: Plus a Dip Bar Workout

With gyms closed for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to expand your home workout. This simple, relatively inexpensive DIY parallettes project sets you up for a wide variety of dip bar exercises. Learn how to make your own parallettes with instructions, a materials list and a follow-along video with Primal Health Coach … Read more

Ask a Health Coach: How Bad Is It Really?

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Ask a Health Coach: Is Eating Healthy Even Worth It?

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Ask a Health Coach: Tuning in to What Your Body’s Telling You

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