Independence or bust?

The powers of the Scottish parliament are under threat as Westminster takes back control By Editorial This is a difficult piece to write but write it we must because Scotland is approaching the crossroads when we need a clear path towards independence. It seems to us that that it is no longer a simple choice … Read more

Now we know – Brexit means Chaos

Herring photograph by Zeshalyn Capino on Unsplash By Russell Bruce No fish and dead fish After four and and half years of political posturing and ignoring economic consequences the UK finally got a deal with hours to spare. That the Westminster parliament agreed to endorse it without proper scrutiny in a debate of a few … Read more

We will be back We are Europe

We will be back European Movement in Scotland The European Movement in Scotland have released the video below which we think is extremely important along with the link to sign the petition. In the days ahead get your friends and family to sign to help give the campaign ahead a great start. The petition is … Read more

Power grab over fisheries

To catch a mackerel© Jenny Downing By Russell Bruce The government of Jersey is up in arms over a proposed UK power grab as it seeks to obtain control over all the waters in these islands with the exception of the those of the Irish Republic. Jersey as a Crown Dependency has control over everything … Read more

Come to Edinburgh Michel Barnier

Tout seul au monde By Russell Bruce The permafrost surrounding UK /EU talks needs more than a little warming, even just moving to a shade warmer. Newsnet has a proposal to break the impasse. We think the Scottish Government could be an intermediary to break the current deadlock. Scotland may not be neutral but for … Read more

Startling polls

By Russell Bruce These are startling figures from polling by YouGov carried out for The Times I have so far been unable to find a poll for any party in Scotland that ever actually polled higher than 57%. In an actual election the Tories achieved around 54% in the General election of 1955 and swept … Read more

UK ‘Single [wee] Market’ threat to Scotland

Ideological vandalism By Equality Nation and Russell Bruce The proposed UK Govt Internal Market Bill will create a “level playing field” across the UK for trade negotiations with the EU which will be imposed on Scotland, Wales & N Ireland. Is this the end of the road for Scotland’s high quality food and drink industry? … Read more

Polls and donkeys

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by By Russell Bruce Boris’s star is falling in line with any regard for his governmental competence. Failing stars burn out and that might just be Boris Johnson’s fate even though he does little to over-exert himself in his part time role as PM. Donkeys … Read more

Time for a rant

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Rick Walthew -thoughtful rant Rick Walthew lets off a bit of steam. It is often good to let it out and move on with what matters in your daily life. Daily life has changed for everybody and ten years of austerity have impacted on … Read more

Passport controls and watchtowers?

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Photograph by Krists Luhaers – Unsplash Equality Nation looks at the Common Travel Area between an independent Ireland, the nations of the UK and the three crown dependencies of Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. We can all remember the gnashing of teeth, … Read more