Come to Edinburgh Michel Barnier

Tout seul au monde By Russell Bruce The permafrost surrounding UK /EU talks needs more than a little warming, even just moving to a shade warmer. Newsnet has a proposal to break the impasse. We think the Scottish Government could be an intermediary to break the current deadlock. Scotland may not be neutral but for … Read more

Hospitality one of the highest risks

By Margaret Johnstone “Scotland’s Hitler,” screamed a caller on a radio programme, referring to Scotland’s First Minister closing pubs for 16 days to contain the Covid19 virus. Some upset individuals went even further in their written and online abuse. Tabloid headlines shrieked with a similar fury – Last chance saloon, Sturgeon’s last orders, Nic’s got … Read more

Johnson and Trump share a world of delusion

Michael Russell on Twitter By Russell Bruce Johnson’s speech to the virtual Tory conference underlined just how far from reality he and his ministers are. He has just about managed to get that Covid 19 is serious but his government’s handling of the pandemic is miles away from any sense of competence. Trump on the … Read more

Baffling with bullshit

By Margaret Johnstone Much has been spouted, hands waving wildly, by the Prime Minister, his Ministers and his Tory MPs, to defend the breaching of international law by the Internal Market Bill. But no matter how ardent they are little of their words make sense and indeed much that has been clattered out is regarded … Read more

The perfect storm

Equality Nation put this twitter thread together which we think should be more than fast passing twitter commentary. Tanja Bueltmann is an academic who describes herself as German affinity Scot with a Kiwi twist. This is a Twitter thread by Tanja Bueltmann, Professor of History who holds a Chair in International History at the University … Read more

Changes in Covid infections by age and nation

By Russell Bruce The amount of data collected for Covid infections is indicative of changing patterns in how different age groups are becoming infected. In this analysis of infections by age groups in England and Scotland a word of caution is required because it it a snapshot of total infections over a single 7 day … Read more

VIDEO: How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Workspace

So you’re indefinitely working from home (or your kids are indefinitely schooling from home). Here’s one thing that’s certain: You’re going to need to create a workspace designed for musculoskeletal health, comfort, and longevity—one that’s as good, or better, than the Aeron chair-equipped office you may be used to. Dr. Oddo has your back—literally. Tom … Read more

Currency questions

And when the Westminster ‘No’ often doesn’t mean ‘No’. By Equality Nation Unionists insisting Scotland would not be allowed another independence referendum have recently appeared to change their tune, now wanting to decide the franchise for indyre2 and bombarding social media with the old chestnut questions of 2014. ‘What currency will you use” is at … Read more

A Lower Body Stretch Routine to Combat the Perils of Desk Work

Tight hips? Achy lumbar? Stiff knees? Or maybe just a general feeling of unsettled not-right-ness in your lower half while working at a desk all day? Give your hips, legs, and lower back some much-deserved breathing room with this lower body stretch session with trainer and Zeel Virtual Wellness instructor Mahri Relin. This session will … Read more

Startling polls

By Russell Bruce These are startling figures from polling by YouGov carried out for The Times I have so far been unable to find a poll for any party in Scotland that ever actually polled higher than 57%. In an actual election the Tories achieved around 54% in the General election of 1955 and swept … Read more