Christmas Eve Sunset – Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve Sunset © Russell Bruce Newsnet As the sun set on Christmas Eve and Johnson claimed a hollow Brexit victory the sky spoke of a different future for Scotland. A European future with our place at the top table in European politics. A truly equal European sovereign nation with our own global voice. We … Read more

Johnson to buy Danish designed frigates built in Scotland

Danish Frigate Niels Juel By Russell Bruce As part Johnson’s announcement on Thursday for new naval vessels were five Type 31 frigates. One of the interesting things about this cost efficient frigate is it was designed in Denmark for the Danish Navy. How could a country of just 5 million people possibly produce a vessel … Read more

Trump destroyed America’s huge pandemic advantage

US International Pandemic PREDICT programme By Russell Bruce The New York Times has released a video detailing how the US invested 2 billion dollars in an international effort to identify and combat the spread of viruses. The US Center of Disease Control (CDC) was instrumental in the drive to enable the early identification of any … Read more

Power grab over fisheries

To catch a mackerel© Jenny Downing By Russell Bruce The government of Jersey is up in arms over a proposed UK power grab as it seeks to obtain control over all the waters in these islands with the exception of the those of the Irish Republic. Jersey as a Crown Dependency has control over everything … Read more

Does Boris plan to turn the population in England into an army of virus slayers?

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Fatality rates By Russell Bruce The new message for England speaks in nonsense riddles. Stay alert? Control the Virus? As the stats in our headline graphics show England is in no position to rush ahead in loosening the lockdown strategy. Johnson’s Brexit government is … Read more

Time for a rant

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Rick Walthew -thoughtful rant Rick Walthew lets off a bit of steam. It is often good to let it out and move on with what matters in your daily life. Daily life has changed for everybody and ten years of austerity have impacted on … Read more

Breaking: Norway closes down

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by By Russell Bruce The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has this afternoon given a remarkable press conference to announce the most drastic emergency measures ever introduced in Norway outside of wartime in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. Millions of Norwegians and … Read more

Wind of change blowing backwards through Britain

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by By Russell Bruce On 3rd February 1960 Harold Macmillan gave his famous Wind of Change speech. This signalled final recognition that Britain’s place and influence in the world had changed. The wind had been blawing for several decades and all Supermac, as Macmillan was … Read more