Johnson and Trump share a world of delusion

Michael Russell on Twitter By Russell Bruce Johnson’s speech to the virtual Tory conference underlined just how far from reality he and his ministers are. He has just about managed to get that Covid 19 is serious but his government’s handling of the pandemic is miles away from any sense of competence. Trump on the … Read more

UK ‘Single [wee] Market’ threat to Scotland

Ideological vandalism By Equality Nation and Russell Bruce The proposed UK Govt Internal Market Bill will create a “level playing field” across the UK for trade negotiations with the EU which will be imposed on Scotland, Wales & N Ireland. Is this the end of the road for Scotland’s high quality food and drink industry? … Read more

Slaughter of the lambs

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Questions over future of lamb. Photograph Russell Bruce for Newsnet By Russell Bruce Farmers want to know how they can survive when crashing out of the EU means sales of lamb to EU markets will dry up because of 40% tariffs. The question has … Read more

Wind of change blowing backwards through Britain

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by By Russell Bruce On 3rd February 1960 Harold Macmillan gave his famous Wind of Change speech. This signalled final recognition that Britain’s place and influence in the world had changed. The wind had been blawing for several decades and all Supermac, as Macmillan was … Read more