VIDEO: A Mindful Self Check-In

Mindful check-ins are useful to help you manage stress and anxiety. This practice can help you feel grounded by taking a pause in your day to notice any physical sensations, thoughts passing through your mind and emotions that are present. It can also help you bring awareness to certain habits, strengths, or weaknesses, which can … Read more

VIDEO: Restorative Yoga to Alleviate Back Pain

It’s been suggested that Homo sapiens are doomed to inevitable back pain, due to the intense pressure gravity places on our upright spines—a fate not suffered by the quadrupeds of the animal kingdom. Whether or not that’s the case, modern life can indeed make back pain feel inevitable, but the ingenuity of the achey Homo … Read more

VIDEO: Restorative Yoga for Back Pain

Working from home? You may find yourself spending a lot of time on the screen and living a more sedentary lifestyle. This can cause chronic pain on the back, but can improve with a little self-care. Yoga can help your posture by strengthening the muscles that support the spine. This 30 minute restorative yoga session … Read more

Maximum Sustained Power Training, or MSP

There’s a West LA gym called run by a very special coach named Jacques LeVore. This coach isn’t the only reason to attend the gym—its entire staff is incredible and impressive—but he is the main reason I decided to invest. He devised a form of strength training for endurance athletes called Maximum Sustained Power Training, … Read more

DIY Kids’ (Or Grown-up!) Bento Lunch Ideas

Remember sack lunches growing up? You’d unroll your brown bag to find a white bread PB&J, maybe a fruit cup, a squeezable neon green beverage. And if you got a prepackaged snack cake, you were the envy of the rest of your lunch table. These days, we want our kids to have healthier choices while … Read more

Sleep Science: Massage for Insomnia

Does massage impact sleep and sleep quality? Research – and Zeel’s well-rested regulars – say yes! As any massage therapist can attest, massage will help you sleep. In fact, many of our clients enjoy a light snooze right on the table!  Massage relaxes the body and mind to a deep state both during your massage … Read more

VIDEO: Keep Your Body in Perfect Alignment with Posture Corrector Exercises

Sustaining a good posture is an important part of our well-being. We spend so much time focusing on our work, education and daily responsibilities, we don’t take enough time to care for ourselves. An easy way to start feeling better physically is by realigning your posture. This can help prevent or relieve musculoskeletal pain in … Read more

Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine: 5 Ways to Shake the Pandemic Out of Your System

Spring cleaning helps us clear away the old and welcome in the new. After a long year of surviving a global pandemic, we’ll take all the spring cleaning we can get! If the pandemic has disrupted your physical and mental health routines this year, you’re not alone. Most of us have found ourselves being more … Read more

VIDEO: Yoga for Lower Back Strengthening and Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing tightness or pain in your lower back, yoga might be exactly what you need. It can help work out imbalances in your body, increase mobility and strengthen your back muscles. Yoga is a gentle practice, but can have a big impact. Try practicing just a few minutes a day and notice how … Read more

How COVID-19 has Accelerated America’s Drinking Problem

In a year when light-hearted day-drinking launched a thousand memes, it’s easy to forget that alcoholism is third-leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Even prior to the pandemic, a 2020 study found that the number of alcohol-related deaths more than doubled between 1999 and 2017. No one has yet to determine if the … Read more