We will be back We are Europe

We will be back European Movement in Scotland The European Movement in Scotland have released the video below which we think is extremely important along with the link to sign the petition. In the days ahead get your friends and family to sign to help give the campaign ahead a great start. The petition is … Read more

Christmas Eve Sunset – Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve Sunset © Russell Bruce Newsnet As the sun set on Christmas Eve and Johnson claimed a hollow Brexit victory the sky spoke of a different future for Scotland. A European future with our place at the top table in European politics. A truly equal European sovereign nation with our own global voice. We … Read more

Johnson to buy Danish designed frigates built in Scotland

Danish Frigate Niels Juel By Russell Bruce As part Johnson’s announcement on Thursday for new naval vessels were five Type 31 frigates. One of the interesting things about this cost efficient frigate is it was designed in Denmark for the Danish Navy. How could a country of just 5 million people possibly produce a vessel … Read more

Changes in Covid infections by age and nation

By Russell Bruce The amount of data collected for Covid infections is indicative of changing patterns in how different age groups are becoming infected. In this analysis of infections by age groups in England and Scotland a word of caution is required because it it a snapshot of total infections over a single 7 day … Read more

The Wall – Le Mur

Photograph © Pascal Moreau, City walls of Aigues-Mortes, Languedoc By Russell Bruce Message to my French friends Pascal et Al line and anyone else listening to Scotland’s pleas. Le Mur c’est formidable et parfaite pour le frontière entre l’Ecosse et l’Angleterre. L’Europe toujours. Translation: The wall is brilliant and perfect for the border between Scotland … Read more

Does Boris plan to turn the population in England into an army of virus slayers?

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. Fatality rates By Russell Bruce The new message for England speaks in nonsense riddles. Stay alert? Control the Virus? As the stats in our headline graphics show England is in no position to rush ahead in loosening the lockdown strategy. Johnson’s Brexit government is … Read more

People are above kings: A nation is its people

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. Declaration of Arbroath By Equality Nation Declaration: the letter of liberty The Declaration of Arbroath – 6th April 1320 Enjoy, and be grateful to those who contributed to this film and those who made it to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the signing of … Read more

Covid19: Global crisis – an overview

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. Reuters issued this update at 11.00a.m 14th March. Newsnet is publishing the list in the interests of keeping people informed and acknowledges The Guardian live-feed as our source. Wales has announced 22 new positive cases bringing the total for Wales to 60. Leo Varadkar … Read more

Breaking: Norway closes down

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. By Russell Bruce The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has this afternoon given a remarkable press conference to announce the most drastic emergency measures ever introduced in Norway outside of wartime in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. Millions of Norwegians and … Read more