Trump destroyed America’s huge pandemic advantage

US International Pandemic PREDICT programme By Russell Bruce The New York Times has released a video detailing how the US invested 2 billion dollars in an international effort to identify and combat the spread of viruses. The US Center of Disease Control (CDC) was instrumental in the drive to enable the early identification of any … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Massage

We’ve often heard from Zeel customers that they wish they could get a massage every day.  With self-massage, you can—filling in the gaps between professional massages with a little good old fashioned at home DIY massage. The AMTA defines self-massage at “the application of massage strokes to your own body for therapeutic purposes.” Self-massage has … Read more

“How Do I Reassure My Kids?” and Other COVID-19 Questions Answered

Thai Massage tutorials and tips. This article was provided by Massaqge Therapy. In one of the most collectively shared crises in the last century, novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has drastically and quickly impacted the lives of societies around the world. Blind to age, race, gender, ethnicity, or economic status, coronavirus has turned the lives of many … Read more