What is the point of Labour?

The leader of the UK Labour Party caused a bit of a stushie yesterday in Scotland with his comments on the Marr show and in the print media, his comments seen as a further indication that Labour is merely limping along on the coat-tails of the Tories, offering no effective opposition at Westminster to a … Read more

Around the corner

By Margaret Johnstone This is an excellent video, made some months ago, that lays out what is ahead of Scotland unless it secures independence soon. The recent speeches by Boris Johnson in which he called devolution a disaster and his ideas of denuding the Scottish parliament of powers via the Internal Market legislation on one … Read more

Is Scotland really unique? – Part 3

Assynt North-West Highlands Part 3 of the response by Margaret Johnstone to Gerry Hassan’s article in The National, on those who voted No in 2014. Now to try and address some point made by Gerry’s focus group. Confidence The Scottish cringe is in retreat, though not gone yet, with some still clinging to their unionist … Read more

Passport controls and watchtowers?

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. Photograph by Krists Luhaers – Unsplash Equality Nation looks at the Common Travel Area between an independent Ireland, the nations of the UK and the three crown dependencies of Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. We can all remember the gnashing of teeth, … Read more

Of the people, by the people, for the people

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. We are going to take a look at democracy – British style – to see how it shapes up with other European countries. This is part 1 by Equality Nation In the recent SCOT goes POP Panelbase Poll the following question was asked about … Read more