Is Scotland really unique? – Part 3

Assynt North-West Highlands Part 3 of the response by Margaret Johnstone to Gerry Hassan’s article in The National, on those who voted No in 2014. Now to try and address some point made by Gerry’s focus group. Confidence The Scottish cringe is in retreat, though not gone yet, with some still clinging to their unionist … Read more

Dear Mark: Coronavirus Questions

Thai Massage tutorials and tips. This article was provided by Mark’s Daily Apple, which is the go-to destination to learn how to lead a healthy Primal life in this hectic modern world. I find their posts usually offer some interesting opinions and useful trips and advice Okay, so this situation is upon us. There’s no … Read more

Scotland’s land and marine resource base

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by By Russell Bruce I was intrigued by the Business for Scotland calculations on Scotland’s land mass and maritime area. Somebody suggested in a video the combined mass could be 50% of the UK total. I thought this worth exploring, tracked down the sources and … Read more