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VIDEO: Yoga for Lower Back Strengthening and Pain Relief

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If you’re experiencing tightness or pain in your lower back, yoga might be exactly what you need. It can help work out imbalances in your body, increase mobility and strengthen your back muscles. Yoga is a gentle practice, but can have a big impact. Try practicing just a few minutes a day and notice how your posture improves and your back strengthens.

Emily McElwain was born and raised in Sioux City, IA and has and always will be encouraged and loved by her supportive family. She developed a deep passion and love for dance and exercise as a young child and studied dance in college at the University of Iowa. She is a professional dancer, teacher and fitness trainer! Emily has been an ACE certified personal trainer for three years. In her sessions she focuses on encouraging physical and mental growth, setting and achieving personal goals and developing impactful relationships through trust, reliability and accountability.

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