Weekly Link Love — Edition 101

Some self-help training & helpful posts on staying healthy with Thai Oil Massage.

Research of the Week

Statins in a “surprisingly small average gain in overall survival” and may not be worth it for people who experience side effects.

readers to an article’s title.

Stretching your hamstrings before squatting without impairing performance.


New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

: Host Elle Russ welcomes Alisa Vitti, who helps women use their unique hormonal and neurochemical codes to create incredible lives.

: Laura and Erin chat with Diana Rodgers.

Media, Schmedia


Sparkling water can be high in PFAS residues. .

Interesting Blog Posts


Social Notes


A different kind of .

Everything Else


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Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Thanks, guys: .

Great title: .

Good piece (and Kravitz looks great): .

Could have been worse: .

Big if true: .

Question I’m Asking

What’s your favorite productivity “hack”?

Recipe Corner

  • .
  • .

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 26 – Oct 1)

  • – Who wins?
  •   – Answering questions about all of this stuff.

Comment of the Week

“My wife and I just lost our home in the Southern Oregon, Almeda fire on Sept. 8th. I had less than 3 minutes to get out and had some sweats on and a t-shirt. Made it to my wifes office where we slept on the floor for 3 nights. The Red Cross is an awesome organization and the generosity of the people who live here are tremendous. We are pretty stable and getting a bit better everyday. So many more people lost everything and had no insurance. We’ll get through this and time will heal.
I started back with my Essential Primal Movements this week and hope to start back sprinting this weekend. My food intake has been low, but high quality. The stress was incredible, but I believe I weathered the worse of it due to being Primal.
All the best to this community and hold your loved ones close. I hope to join back in with the banter when things settle for us.”

-Sorry to hear, . All the best.

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