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Weekly Link Love—Edition 88

Tutorials & useful tips on staying healthy through Thai Massage.

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Research of the Week

Physical frailty COVID-19 outcomes.

If you’re lifting, .

After new analysis, its “excess deaths from coronavirus” numbers. Still 13% higher than normal, but lower than previous estimations.

for coronavirus presence in Brazil as early as November 2019.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

: Host Elle Russ chats with author Gina Devee.

Laura and Erin chat with Jen James about heart-centered entrepreneurism.

Media, Schmedia


Is there coming?

Interesting Blog Posts

: so effective on paper, so useless (and sometimes deadly) in real life.

Social Notes

for games to play with your kids.

Don’t let be you.

Everything Else




Got arthritis? .

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I’m not surprised: .

Interesting finding: . It is associated with higher all cause mortality.

It’s just everywhere these days: .

Another reason everyone should exercise: .

A nice piece on importance of megafauna in human diets: .

Question I’m Asking

Did you roughhouse as a kid?

Recipe Corner

  • . Low-carb, luxurious.
  • ? Yes please.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 28 – Jul 3)

  • – What to keep in mind.
  • – A few foods that get bad raps.

Comment of the Week

“Plastic rain sounds like our version of lead pipes for the Romans.”

– We will see, .

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