Weekly Link Love — Edition 99

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Research of the Week


Researchers are the “entities” people meet on DMT.

Hominids were in hydrothermal vents millions of years ago.



New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

: Host Elle Russ welcomes Brad Kearns to the podcast.

Host Brad Kearns welcomes Dr. Robert Silverman to discuss COVID-19 and gut health.

: Laura and Erin chat with Tim Davis about breaking stigmas and beating addiction for good.

Media, Schmedia

of how sustainable ranching can work, be profitable, and produce tons of meat.


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. Love to see it.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Incredible study: of wild blueberries improves cognitive performance in middle aged adults.

More evidence of our reawakening drive to roam and be nomadic: .

Imagine that: .

Important avenue of research: .

Nice concept everyone can get behind: .

Question I’m Asking

How’s school going for your kids?

Recipe Corner

  • , never would have thought of it.
  • , paleo-style.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 12 – Sep 18)

  •   – What’s important, what’s worth it.
  •   – Answering questions about all of this stuff.

Comment of the Week

“This is in response to Mark’s ‘Sunday with Sisson’ email about the beach.

I live in the Malibu area, and hiked the 75+ mile Backbone Trail with Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council. During the week-long hike, members of the organization gives talks about the local history and geography. This might also be mentioned in MDA blog, but I learned that there is a ‘kelp highway’ and humans may have followed it from Russia over the Bering Strait and down the Pacific Coast. The idea is that the kelp creates a steady environment for fish, so it’s an easy trail for people to follow.

I recall Mark has discussed how we process fish very well, and that a steady supply would create the conditions necessary to support the development of our big brains. I suspect that we are built to feel ‘at home’ and thus at peace in our niche near bodies of water.”

-Fascinating thought, .

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Pacific Coast

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