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Medical Questionnaire

Prior to your first Massage session with Jariya at Thai Massage Greenock we ask you to complete the following medical questionnaire.

We do this so that we have all the information we need to help you get the most out of your time with us.

Please answer as fully as you can, all questions require a rn answer. If you need any help with any of the questions please contact us here.

Please tick any of the following conditions that you have

I understand massage therapy is for stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasms, or for increasing circulation. I understand the massage therapist does not diagnose illness disease or any other physical or mental disorder. Massage therapist does not prescribe medical treatment or perform spinal manipulations. I will inform the therapist of any current conditions at the time of each visit. I understand that any inappropriate activity or advances towards the massage therapist Will be reported to the authorities immediately.

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