Thinking of Clipping into an Indoor Bike? Here’s Everything to Know About the Top Options (Including the DIY Version)

The President sure loves his Peloton. This Inauguration Day, and for the first time in our nation’s history, White House intelligence found themselves assessing a piece of fitness equipment. Whether our new Commander in Chief prefers classes with Robin Arzon or Alex Toussaint or simply enjoys a ride through the French countryside, the Peloton is … Read more

Cardio or Strength Training: Which is More Effective at Achieving Your Goals?

We’re faced with this dilemma every time we step foot in a gym: Head straight for the weights or make a beeline to the last available elliptical? Of course, if you’re even at the gym to begin with, then your body is benefiting regardless of your workout du jour. Yet more and more studies are … Read more

VIDEO: Improve Your Flexibility with This Lower Body Stretch Routine

Gabriel Gates is a practicing massage therapist and personal trainer with a background in assisted stretching. His fitness regime is mostly strength training, cardio with hot yoga sprinkled in. Gabriel believes the body can be pain free when it is functioning naturally.  Watch our Wednesday Wellness series of free, live 30-minute wellness sessions. Tune in every … Read more

Pregnancy and Pain: Treating MSK Woes When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, but not when it comes to musculoskeletal (MSK) aches and pains. While we likely don’t have to tell you this if you are expecting or have been pregnant in the past, people who are pregnant are particularly prone to MSK pain. The most common types of MSK pain experienced … Read more

MSK: Three Letters You Need to Know in 2021

So does your back hurt? Those stories Grandma told about her neck aching when the weather changed don’t seem so ludicrous now? Have you been slumping in front of Zoom for so long you can’t turn your neck? Then congratulations (or not): You, and—if you live in the United States—half of your fellow Americans are … Read more

A Very Different Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving, our focus was on the best way to roast turkey and navigating extended family relationships.  We had no idea how different a pandemic Thanksgiving in 2020 would be.   As we approach Thanksgiving this year, we have many more thoughts on the mind, considering how to maintain mental and physical health in a different … Read more

Veterans’ Health and Wellness: A 365-Day Commitment

With the weight of the world on all of our shoulders, Veterans Day seems to have come and gone without the normal level of reverence or fanfare. While social media accounts paid apt, socially distanced tribute, parades and other gatherings were generally cancelled and the seemingly endless news cycle stayed mostly focused on the still … Read more

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Liver Appetizer Recipe

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Ashleigh van Houten, nutrition journalist, public speaker, certified health coach, and self-proclaimed muscle nerd. Ashleigh recently released her new organ meats cookbook, It Takes Guts, available in stores now! Liver is a superfood that’s packed with pre-formed nutrients like vitamin A, zinc, folate, and more, which are important nutrients to … Read more

Keto and Primal Snacks for Busy Mom Life

Before I had kids, I thought I’d be that mom who cooks and bakes endlessly with her kids. After all, I enjoy being in the kitchen, so why wouldn’t I want my sweet offspring by my side as I lovingly prepare meals for the family. Ah, to be that young and idealistic again. Every year … Read more

Don’t Jog, It’s Too Dangerous: Part 2

Dr. DeVany’s title quote has haunted me for years; I typically ponder the significance of this deadpan assertion during my morning jog. “Come on, this can’t be dangerous, can it?” I assert that my morning jog helps me enjoy nature, clear my mind for the impending busy day in front of a screen or microphone, … Read more