Thai Massage

Looking for the best massage in Greenock, Gourock or Port Glasgow?

Do you have chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic headaches, severe menstrual cramps,  neck or other muscle pain? Are you an athlete who needs a real body work-out for optimum performance and recovery? Do you work at a desk and need massage to help with poor posture?  Do you wish you could melt away the stress and strain of another hard day? I can help!

I was trained and certified at the world-famous Wat Po temple in Bangkok. With over 20 years experience of helping people feel repaired, relaxed and renewed using Thai Massage techniques, Traditional Thai Massage techniques, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage, I know I can help you.

Andy Hair

"Jasmine is professional and her experience shows as she delivered an effective and therapeutic massage . "

What Is Thai Massage?

Thai massage helps to strengthen the body and increase flexibility whilst helping you relax and take advantage of the many healing properties of Thai Massage.

I have often heard Thai Massage likened to 'lazy yoga', as your Thai Massage therapist will in fact do yoga to you and your body! Thai Massage is an extremely effective form of body work as your body is stretched and manipulated until your stress, strain and pain has melted away. Thai Traditional Massage leaves you in a state of sublime relaxation.

Thai Massage and Traditional Medicine has existed for over 1000 years, in pretty much the same form that is used today. Its recent world-wide spread has been quite phenomenal.

What To Expect?

A Traditional Thai Massage does not involve the use of oil so when you arrive you will be asked to remove your outer clothing and can wear either your underwear or shorts and a t-shirt, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

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