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The 2019 Zeel Wellness Gift Guide

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Happy holidays! A gift guide for the undecided…

You’d obviously expect a blog by Zeel, a wellness company, to suggest a massage from Zeel as a great gift for everyone on your list. (Of course, we’re not the only ones who think Zeel is the massage gift for everyone—Zeel is a New York Times Holiday Gift Guide top pick for the second year running.) That said, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest other options to make this holiday season even better.

Gifts for the KonMari Devotee


The KonMari Devotee

Has one of the people on your holiday gift list wholeheartedly embraced The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by the almost unbearably serene and winsome Marie Kondo? Is her Instagram full of photos of rolled socks and emptied living room surfaces? Then you have someone who is very selective about the things that she wants.

Keep in mind that magically changing one’s life through de-acquisition can also be tiring, and your KonMari follower will very much welcome a massage present from Zeel, in which not only will she reduce her mental and physical stress, but spark the joy of not having to clean up afterward – the therapist will take care of removing all equipment post-massage.

That said, as Kondo says herself, her method isn’t about tossing all your worldly possessions – it’s about carefully choosing what you do own. And what better to suggest than a few gifts from Kondo herself?

Shiatsu Stick

Looks like Marie Kondo is a massage fan herself! (Marie – download our massage app pls thx). One of the carefully curated gifts in her brand-new online shop is a shiatsu stick for reflexology and shiatsu massage. Says Kondo “With both pointy and blunt ends, this camellia wood pressure point stick is designed to enhance the ancient practice of shiatsu – in which pressure is applied to certain areas of the body to help relieve tension. A diagram of acupressure points is included.” Also, it’s only $12, which makes it the ideal stocking stuffer.

Oil Diffuser

Another Kondo suggestion/shop offering: an oil diffuser, which turns oils into a fine mist that gently scents your surroundings with the delightful aromas of lavender or rose or whatever floats your proverbial olfactory boat. As it turns out, we also like this gift suggestion because it is ideal to complement your aromatherapy massage, or help you get to sleep (some essential oils, like lavender, are great at inducing rest.)

Bamboo Computer Stand

Finally, if you want to give a decluttering gift to someone who is a new convert to the way of KonMari that doesn’t openly scream “I am so glad you are no longer a hoarder,” consider this adorable computer stand, made of sustainable bamboo, that is not only attractive but holds pens and USBs and all the detritus that collects around desktop computers.

Gifts for your Most Inarticulate Friends


The person who cannot even articulate a thing that they want, seriously

This is a separate category from the person who is interested in organization and decluttering. You very likely have to buy a present for someone, whether it is your father or your girlfriend or your boss, who, when asked what they want as a holiday gift, mutters something along the lines of “I don’t know,” or “Whatever,” or “Anything you get will be fine” (never true, by the way). So frustrating! But don’t worry — we’ve solved your holiday gift dilemma – give these great presents and do good.

Wildlife Socks

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like adorable animals, or who isn’t in favor of helping endangered wildlife, or who doesn’t wear socks. You can cover all your bases with the World Wildlife Fund! Make a $55 donation and choose three pairs of graphically striking cotton socks, with prints that range from from zebras to meerkats to vampire bats.

Olive oil

If your gift recipient would rather figuratively adopt an olive tree than a sea turtle hatchling, consider the gift of organic olive oil. Nudo not only supports sustainable and natural olive oil harvesting in Italy and support, it allows you to give a half liter of extra virgin Italian olive oil in a gift tin of olive oil. The opaque tin is a better way to store olive oil, as it degrades when exposed to light. And olive oil is one of the healthiest oils, aside from being delicious – it is full of “good” monounsaturated fats.

A massage from Zeel

Rare is the person indeed who would not enjoy a massage – and enjoying that massage at home without traveling or fruitless searches for “last-minute massage near me” online makes it that much more enjoyable. From sports massage for the athlete, to sleep massage for the insomniacs, to prenatal massage for moms to be, for Swedish massage for those who just want to unwind, Zeel has you covered.

Gifts for Work Colleagues


Your work colleague

Maybe you’re doing a workplace Secret Santa gift exchange. Maybe your office friend is now an actual friend. Maybe you’re a boss looking for the best holiday presents for employees. We are full of holiday office gift ideas.

Zojirushi mug

Zojirushi makes god-tier rice cookers, but a rice cooker isn’t the greatest office gift. However, Zojirushi now also makes these fashionable and functional travel mugs, which come in a variety of colors both shiny and smoky and two sizes. At about $25, these are great presents that will allow your colleague to sip drinks at their preferred temperature for hours on end.

A new kind of office plant

This adorable air plant, a tillandsia, can live for years with a mere misting of water every few days. They’re small enough to nestle on the corner of a standing desk, and don’t worry, they come with maintenance instructions! Plants are known to reduce stress – it’s science! A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that merely touching and interacting with office plants can reduce both mental and physical stress.

Know what can also reduce stress? Massage. And since we’re talking about office gifts, a marvelous holiday present you can give your entire office at once is an in-office chair massage. Everyone in your office will be able to sign up for a rejuvenating and relaxing massage – perfect for holiday parties, or just for relaxing during what can be a very stressful month. (Hey, merriment is hard work!)

Gifts for the Fitness Fanatics in Your Life


The Fitness Fanatic

If you’re giving a gift to someone who often posts about hitting the gym or running another half-marathon, consider these gifts for athletes.

Turmeric infusion

Turmeric has a host of health properties, chief among them its known anti-inflammatory properties. Any workout fan will appreciate the gift of turmeric tea and turmeric infusions – not only healthy, but delicious as well.

Travel yoga mat

A yoga mat is great for yoga, obviously, but it also comes in handy for stretching as well. This Manduka yoga mat is super-light, meaning that you can take it to work with you, or bring the yoga mat when you travel also.


Athletes are well-aware of the benefits of massage. It can enhance fitness and performance by decreasing muscle recovery time, breaking up painful knots, and reducing swelling and inflammation from overuse – aside from being a nice reward for tackling that triathlon. Sports massage and deep tissue massage are the typical picks for fitness fans, though with a Zeel gift card your recipient can choose the massage technique they prefer.

Wellness Gifts for Homebodies


The Happy Homebody

We’re going to guess that the person who thinks that “staying in is the new going out” already has a Netflix subscription and a pronounced love of hygge. That said, there are other gifts you can give the person who loves to stay home to make sure their residence is always their refuge and castle (and spa).

Instant Pot (and accessories)

Instant Pots are the appliance du jour, an updated pressure cooker that sautes, simmers, steams, warms, and pretty much does everything except cold fusion, all quickly and easily. Go for the standard Instant Pot or a fun on-theme version, like the Star Wars Instant Pot. If you know that your giftee already has an Instant Pot (or two or three), opt for an Instant Pot cookbook or an accessory, like a steamer.

Weighted blanket

The popularity of weighted blankets is only increasing. Weighted blankets are credited with reducing stress and insomnia by applying what is often called “deep pressure therapy.” Essentially, it feels like being hugged as you sleep, which releases serotonin and is calming. We love the Layla weighted blanket, which is fuzzy and machine-washable. Remember that a weighted blanket should weigh about 10% of your total body weight.

A Massage, Naturally

Massages booked on the Zeel app are ideal gifts for the person who prefers to stay in. In as little as an hour, 365 days a year, a vetted, licensed massage therapist can travel to homes across the US. A last-minute gift card from Zeel is an ideal gift for the homebody in your life.

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