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If you are not sure which to pick we suggest you start with a relaxing Thai Oil Massage.

Traditional Thai Massage does not use oil and involves guided yoga massage focussing on manipulation and pressure points.

If you have any questions or want to speak to someone you can call us on our local number: 01475 600868.

Select which type of massage you wish to book.

If you are not sure, start with a Thai Oil Massage.

Thai Oil Massage
thai oil massage

Thai Oil Massage is about giving deep pressure, gliding, rolling, stroking, rubbing and stretching movements in combination with the application of (warmed) base oils (not necessarily special oils or so-called essential oils).

TraditionalThai Massage
Thai Massage

Looking for the best massage in Greenock, Gourock or Port Glasgow? Do you have chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic headaches, severe menstrual cramps, neck or other muscle pain?

Partial Massage
thai head massage

When you don’t have time for a full body massage take advantage of our partial massages.

Head, foot& leg, arms & hands.

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