New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week — Edition 122

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Hey folks! You may have noticed something a little different this Friday. Weekly Link Love is now our New and Noteworthy series. We’re following the same format that a lot of you have been reading for over a decade now: it’s a collection of interesting reads I found around the Internet over the week. Enjoy!

Latin teacherResearch of the Week

The interaction between alcohol sales, crime, and .

Spending money on your pet than spending money on yourself.


Soybean oil that look atherogenic.

Strength training is , even without weight loss.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

: Host Elle Russ chats with ancestral periodontist and Primal Health Coach Dr. Al Danenberg.

: Host Brad Kearns chats with Primal Health Coach Ryan Baxter about the power of nasal breathing.

: Meredith McCarty thinks you might just be your own bottleneck.

Media, Schmedia

Will be the first Indian in the NBA?

Interesting Blog Posts

Cows: .

helping thousands get off anti-depressants.

Social Notes


Everything Else

The your own Zoom meetings.



Things I’m Up to and Interested In

This looks bad: Controlling for energy intake, ; added glucose does not.

Interesting article:

What do you think?:

This is interesting: .

Great news: .

Question I’m Asking

How are you training lately?n

Recipe Corner

  • Is the world’s best braised cabbage?
  • Sometimes you just want to .

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 5 – Mar 11)

  • – Well, should you?
  • — Stop doing it.

Comment of the Week

“As a retired Latin teacher, I am completely in love with etymology! My favorite and very applicable Latin word used in English is addict. We live in a world full of addictive substances. Ad means to or toward (think advance). Dict, like diction or dictation, means speak. When you’re addicted, that substance keeps speaking to you!”

-Fascinating, .

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