Power grab over fisheries

To catch a mackerel© Jenny Downing By Russell Bruce The government of Jersey is up in arms over a proposed UK power grab as it seeks to obtain control over all the waters in these islands with the exception of the those of the Irish Republic. Jersey as a Crown Dependency has control over everything … Read more

Come to Edinburgh Michel Barnier

Tout seul au monde By Russell Bruce The permafrost surrounding UK /EU talks needs more than a little warming, even just moving to a shade warmer. Newsnet has a proposal to break the impasse. We think the Scottish Government could be an intermediary to break the current deadlock. Scotland may not be neutral but for … Read more

Changes in Covid infections by age and nation

By Russell Bruce The amount of data collected for Covid infections is indicative of changing patterns in how different age groups are becoming infected. In this analysis of infections by age groups in England and Scotland a word of caution is required because it it a snapshot of total infections over a single 7 day … Read more

Startling polls

By Russell Bruce These are startling figures from polling by YouGov carried out for The Times I have so far been unable to find a poll for any party in Scotland that ever actually polled higher than 57%. In an actual election the Tories achieved around 54% in the General election of 1955 and swept … Read more

Is Scotland really unique? – Part 1

Assynt North-West Highlands A response by Margaret Johnstone to Gerry Hassan’s recent article in The National, on those who voted No in 2014. Gerry Hassan’s article records the views of a number of people in a focus group on why they voted NO in 2014. Some felt Scotland wasn’t ready, others felt there was insufficient … Read more

The Wall – Le Mur

Photograph © Pascal Moreau, City walls of Aigues-Mortes, Languedoc By Russell Bruce Message to my French friends Pascal et Al line and anyone else listening to Scotland’s pleas. Le Mur c’est formidable et parfaite pour le frontière entre l’Ecosse et l’Angleterre. L’Europe toujours. Translation: The wall is brilliant and perfect for the border between Scotland … Read more

Dear England

By Russell Bruce Dear People of England, We are worried about you. Your government is not giving you the true picture on the Covid-19 pandemic in your country. People in Leicester were surprised by the sudden new lockdown when they understood that the virus was in retreat. The local authority had not been given the … Read more

Polls and donkeys

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. By Russell Bruce Boris’s star is falling in line with any regard for his governmental competence. Failing stars burn out and that might just be Boris Johnson’s fate even though he does little to over-exert himself in his part time role as PM. Donkeys … Read more

Does Boris plan to turn the population in England into an army of virus slayers?

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. Fatality rates By Russell Bruce The new message for England speaks in nonsense riddles. Stay alert? Control the Virus? As the stats in our headline graphics show England is in no position to rush ahead in loosening the lockdown strategy. Johnson’s Brexit government is … Read more

To mask or not to mask?

Greenock, Scotland news and updates. This post was provided by Newsnet.scot. By Equality Nation In photographs and videos, and in streets and supermarkets, we see people wearing face masks. It’s particularly noticeable abroad where most appear to have been able to buy or acquire supplies. Wearing masks is compulsory in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. … Read more